Revolutionize Employee Management with MyPeopleDoc

In today’s fast-paced business environment, effective employee management is crucial for any organization’s success. The advent of digital HR management applications has revolutionized the way companies interact with their employees, streamline processes, and manage documents. Among these innovations, MyPeopleDoc stands out as a leading solution, offering a cloud-based platform that simplifies document storage and enhances communication between management and employees. This article delves into how MyPeopleDoc, or UKG HR Service Delivery as it’s now known, is transforming employee management and why it’s an essential tool for modern businesses.

Understanding MyPeopleDoc

Cloud-Based Convenience

The core of MyPeopleDoc’s appeal lies in its cloud-based nature, enabling businesses to abandon the cumbersome paper trails and physical files of the past. This digital revolution in HR management allows for secure, organized, and easily accessible document storage. With MyPeopleDoc, companies can efficiently manage employee data, from contracts to performance reviews, all in one place.

Secure Document Storage

Security is paramount in the digital age, especially when handling sensitive employee information. MyPeopleDoc offers robust security features, ensuring that all files are stored on secure servers. This not only protects against data breaches but also provides peace of mind for both employers and employees, knowing that their information is safe.

Enhanced HR Management

Automation of HR Tasks

One of the standout features of MyPeopleDoc is its ability to automate various HR tasks. From onboarding new hires to managing leave requests and performance evaluations, automation streamlines these processes, reducing the workload on HR departments and increasing overall efficiency.

Electronic Safe and File Management

At the heart of MyPeopleDoc’s functionality is its electronic safe and advanced file management system. This system allows for easy classification, sharing, and storage of documents up to 10 GB, with a maximum size limit of 250 MB per document. The ability to rename, classify, and share documents seamlessly facilitates smooth HR operations.

Employee Contract Management

Handling employee contracts is a critical aspect of HR that MyPeopleDoc simplifies. The platform enables the digital creation, signing, and storage of contracts, making the process more efficient and environmentally friendly by reducing the need for paper.

Comprehensive Employee File Data

Maintaining comprehensive employee files is crucial for effective HR management. MyPeopleDoc enables organizations to keep detailed records of their employees, including personal information, job history, and performance data, all in one secure location.

Advanced Features for Modern HR

Cloud Technology Integration

The integration of cloud technology in MyPeopleDoc provides scalability and flexibility, allowing businesses of any size to tailor the platform to their specific needs. This ensures that companies can grow with the platform, adapting their HR processes as their workforce expands.

Customizable Document Sharing

MyPeopleDoc’s customizable document sharing options offer the flexibility to share specific documents with designated parties, enhancing collaboration within and outside the organization. Whether it’s sharing performance reviews with employees or contracts with external partners, MyPeopleDoc facilitates controlled access to necessary documents.

Recycle Bin and Document Restoration

The platform includes a feature-rich recycle bin where deleted documents are stored temporarily, ensuring that important files can be restored if removed accidentally. This adds an extra layer of security to document management, safeguarding against potential data loss.

Multi-employee Linking and Document Scheduling

MyPeopleDoc allows for the linking of accounts to multiple employees, streamlining the document submission process. Employees can send documents on a schedule (weekly, monthly, or one-time), making it easier for HR to manage incoming data efficiently.


What is MyPeopleDoc?

MyPeopleDoc, now known as UKG HR Service Delivery, is a cloud-based digital HR management platform that simplifies document storage and enhances communication between employers and employees.

How does MyPeopleDoc enhance document security?

MyPeopleDoc stores all files on secure servers, ensuring robust protection against unauthorized access and data breaches.

Can MyPeopleDoc automate HR tasks?

Yes, MyPeopleDoc can automate various HR tasks, including onboarding, leave requests, and performance evaluations, significantly improving efficiency.

What types of documents can be stored on MyPeopleDoc?

MyPeopleDoc allows for the storage of a wide range of documents, including employee contracts, personal files, and performance reviews, with a storage capacity of up to 10 GB.

How does document sharing work in MyPeopleDoc?

MyPeopleDoc offers customizable document sharing options, allowing specific documents to be shared with designated individuals or groups, facilitating efficient collaboration and communication.


In conclusion, MyPeopleDoc represents a significant leap forward in employee management technology. Its comprehensive suite of features, from cloud-based storage and security to automation and advanced document management, makes it an indispensable tool for modern businesses. By embracing MyPeopleDoc, companies can not only streamline their HR processes but also foster a more organized, secure, and efficient workplace. This digital transformation is not just about adopting new technology; it’s about revolutionizing the way businesses manage their most valuable asset: their people.

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